Okwap C150 Cell Phone Review

I guess you must be never see this phone if you live in US now, yeah this phone populat in asia and Okwap a popular company too in Asia and they launched new phone called Okwap C150, congrats for Okwap. This is a sliding phone, it feature 2 megapixels camera phone ( integrated ) and also this phone come with 117 MB onbard memory , this sounds good for new cellphone company and this phone support dual SIM cards this mean you can use 2 sim cards in 1 phone. This phone feature a 2.2-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 176×220 and 260K colors, phone weight only 91 grams and has a thickness of 15.8mm, and fp said that this phone not support Bluetooth connectivity and any media card slot... this is bad news.