HTC HT1100 ( HTC Nike ) and Fujitsu F1100

2 New phones for operator Docomo, HTC Nike (HT1100) and the F1100 from Fujitsu.
Let's start with HTC Nike (HT1100) , this smartphone run Windows Mobile 6 Professional, has a 2.6” touch screen with a QVGA resolution (yepp that sucks). Our phone is obviously 3G and HSDPA (since Japan does not support GSM) as well as GSM (for international roaming). Finally our Nike also features a FM radio tuner and bluetooth.
the F1100 from Fujitsu come with 3G , also offers a tiny QVGA screen of 2.6”, as a microSD card slot, a 1.3Mpix Camera module, Wifi A/B/G (yepp all of them), SIP, as well as Bluetooth. nice feature of this device is a fingerprint sensor which will let you easily protect your data.