Fujitsu's Biblo Loox Laptops Specs

Fujitsu's Biblo Loox Laptops Specs
Fujitsu announced way back at the end of September that they would be supporting the Crusoe line of processors with two sub-notebooks, the FMV Biblo Loox T (FMVLT553W3) and the FMV Biblo Loox S (FMVLS553W ). While Sony seems to have beaten them to the punch with the Crusoe-powered VAIO series (which will be available in North America) the Biblo Loox are looking kinna cool in their own light. The 3/4 high LCD screen seems like a new trend in portable design.

For the most part the specs that Fujitsu lists for their Biblo Loox S & T are standard, the clock speed for the TM5600 doesn't seem to jive with previous statements about it's speed though. The TM5600 is supposed to be a 700Mhz chip, probably just a typo on their part.

Battery life for each device, with standard sized batter sits at 4 hours or below . Apparently a large battery will push that life span toward 7.5-8 hours. Both portable computers will never see a store's shelf in North America, as they are intended solely for the Japanese market. If you've been wondering what "LOOX" means this should help, in the original, unedited (translated) version :)

"LOOX - Coined word. "The LOOK" (you see) + "X" (infinity / unknown)
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The full spec sheets are listed on the next page, as well as the full press release (it went through an online translator so it's a bit rough around the edges).