CableJive releases a duaLink Sync cable

CableJive releases a duaLink Sync cable
I’m sure that there are many reading this blog that have more than one iDevice. I’m sure it is difficult to charge and sync them, as they only come with one sync cable.

Fortunately, CableJive has come out with the dualLink Sync cable which allows the user to connect two iOS devices to a single USB port at once. The charge time is going to be slower, as in half the amount of time.

I’m not certain how, but this dualLink Sync cable can actually sync two devices to iTunes at once. I’m actually not certain how it does that. In all honesty, iTunes really slows my system down, and I wonder if the iTunes runs as two separate windows or does it do a joint thing.

Anyway, it is possible to get the duaLink Sync Cable for a purchase for about $25.95. You might as well get it and reduce cable clutter.

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