New Pink Apple Mac Laptops Review

New Pink Apple Mac Laptops Review
When you have a portable system, it is normal that you want to be able to carry it comfortably and safe around. There are all sorts of carrying solutions for your laptop computer and it depends on your needs which product you are going to choose. Backpacks are recommended for those who travel, students, those who carry a lot with them around and mostly everybody mobile and always on the move.

But sometimes it is hard to pick out a laptop backpack, because there are so many models out there and brands to choose from. Golla is a Swedish company manufacturing carrying solutions for your gadgets. With affordable prices and very nice-looking design, Golla laptop backpacks can surely make it on top of your list. But to get a better idea of these backpacks, let’s go through some models and you can create your own opinion afterwards.

Golla laptop backpack for 16” systems is available in several colors and with a gorgeous flower pattern on it. And the best part is that the interior is also colored. For example, the turquoise laptop backpack comes with an orange lining that will surely brighten your day. The backpack features two zippered compartments, cushioned laptop compartment, the backside is soft and it has the air channel systems, which will provide a comfortable wear through the entire day. What is more, the bottom of the backpack is designed out of water resistant and heavy coated polyester. And you don’t have to necessarily hold your backpack on your back, thanks to the cushioned handle; you can make some room in crowded areas or keep the backpack close to you. But if you think it might be too girly for you, there are also other color combinations and designs for you, which meet your travelling needs and your free spirit.

Another model is the premium Golla laptop backpack, available in grey color. This one can fit up to 15.4” laptops, has extra pockets, a very attractive design, ergonomic shoulder straps and robust handles. Like the previous model, you can tell that this product is high-quality and you can rely on its functionality. It is true that most of the backpacks have the same look, design actually because the colors and the images are different, but the specifications might be different depending on the model. The good thing about these backpacks is that they don’t add extra bulkiness and they don’t look big at all. But this might be because you can’t slip inside a very large laptop, so with reasonable measures and with great construction, these could an alternative for your everyday crusading in the big city.

Prices start somewhere at $30 and can go up to $70, but it depends on the shop you buy or if you decide to do your shopping online. If you check the market a bit, you can clearly see there are some huge differences. Let’s go and see another last model, the Golla Const 16” laptop backpack, featuring the main laptop compartment and other three, which are see-through in the front for depositing your accessories. The backpack is made out of 100% polyester and it has the same specifications as the already-mentioned examples.

Pink Apple Mac Laptops

Everybody is wondering why Apple doesn’t manufacture pink Apple Mac laptops. This is a question and a wonder for almost every Apple fan. Perhaps the company is satisfied with the popularity it already has, there are no sales decreasing and everybody knows Apple as being white or black.

As you can see on the market, most of the greatest manufacturers have started and followed the trend of colored laptops. You can clearly see this in Dell, Sony, Asus and Acer, Toshiba, HP and so on. When you start customizing a laptop, you can also choose the colors as well. But in Apple’s case, this is not yet possible unfortunately.

We can also state that women are more interested in pink Apple Mac laptops and any other gadgets of that matter. And because the ladies are, of course, showing a large interest in technology and they also have needs involving computing and mobility on the go, companies try to attract this market segment as well. But even though you can find any colors on an Apple laptop, it doesn’t mean you have to give up and turn your head over another brand. You can customize the laptop you have with some amazing skins and thus, have your own pink system. It is true that you spend almost a fortune on a new Mac laptop, but you can stay relaxed, as laptop skins are affordable and they cost around $20-$30. From this point of view you have nothing to worry about. And when it comes to the range of skins for your Mac, it depends on where you look and the websites you visit.
New Pink Apple Mac Laptops Review
You can choose from those simple skins, with one single color, or you can go for the ones with designs, maybe with some cute cartoons and animals and so on. Skins are not designed only to give your laptop a new look, but they can offer a minimum protection for your system. Your laptop will be safe from scratches, fingerprints, smudges and so on. So, you can think of skins as having a double meaning. Some more information related to laptop skins include the materials used, how to apply them and some useful tips. To start with, laptop skins are made out of vinyl and they stick on your laptop thanks to glue. Being removable and reusable, you can change the skin whenever you feel like it, but don’t take too much abuse, because in the end you might wear off the glue and you will be left with some nasty trails.
New Pink Apple Mac Laptops Review
What is more, be careful how you tick the skin to your Mac laptop. You have to make sure there is nothing left on the chassis and watch out for those annoying air bubbles. You should start from one corner and then go according to the line until you reach the top cover. When you select the pink skin for your Apple Mac laptop, be sure to specify either the model of the computer or the size it has. Compatibility is compulsory, so you don’t end up with more or less material, making the skin look inappropriate. To conclude, this is how you can turn your simple Apple Mac laptop into a stylish, attractive, pink one.