Dell Latitude E6410 / 14,1-inch Notebook Review

Dell Latitude E6410 / 14,1-inch Notebook Review
With strict security system, this notebook can protect data in it with adhesive. First saw this notebook, we got confused myself. Because the appearance Dell Latitude E6410 is a lot like Lenovo's Thinkpad notebooks. One of the most obvious is the existence of TrackStick which is one typical facility Thinkpad.

TrackStick facility consists of navigation buttons (trackpad) and two buttons to click left and right. Thanks to the trackpad, we can move the cursor with your index finger oscillation; much like we move the joystick. Although his intention ease, we were quite a pain. The reason our fingers easily slip when using a trackpad, so then we prefer to use a more familiar touchpad.

Similarities with Lenovo ThinkPad notebook is already indicated segmentation targeting business segment. It is also evident from the design of the box and tend to be conservative. What's interesting is this notebook uses TriMetal Chassis technology, which combines aluminum, magnesium, and a layer of steel in various parts of this notebook. This combination makes the Latitude E6410 feels solid. It took considerable pressure on the back of the notebook to give effect to the screen. However, these materials have consequences on the weight of this notebook which reached 2.27 kg.

To support its performance as a business notebook, the notebook will find a lot of security features in this notebook, both ordinary and "extraordinary". The usual is a fingerprint reader, sensors that will read your fingerprint. What is remarkable is the SmartCard Reader. For your information, SmartCard is an identity card with a special integrated circuit, much like an ATM card. With these facilities, you must insert a special smartcard for access to this notebook.In addition to security, other facilities provided for U.S. $ 1,580 notebook is also complete. Express Card facility that has been left out of other notebooks, available in this notebook. You'll also find high-speed connectors in self FireWire and eSATA.

But there is one that interests us, namely DisplayPort which is on the back of this notebook. DisplayPort is the video connection as well as audio which is projected to replace VGA and DVI. But in its development, prestige is less than the HDMI DisplayPort. This can be seen from the use of the HDMI standard in various television and monitors. It was exactly what explains why notebook during almost all provide facilities HDMI and DisplayPort instead.

Because that's somewhat surprising why Dell would prefer DisplayPort over HDMI. So if you want to connect your notebook to an external display device, you should look for TV / monitor that provides the plug-which according to our knowledge is limited choice.The notebook itself relies on an Intel Core i5 520M (2.4 GHz) assisted DDR3-667 memory capacity of 4GB. This combination can produce a responsive and reliable performance are used for office applications. Unfortunately, good performance is only supported hard disk capacity is "only" 250GB notebook-class is small for a premium like this latitude E6410.

Toshiba M300 Specifications :


14,1-inch, 1280x800 pixel


Intel Core i5 520M (2,4 GHz, dual core, 3MB L2 cache)


4GB DDR3-667 (1 dari 2 slot)


Intel QM57

Graphics Cards

Intel HD


250GB, 5400rpm, SATA-II (Seagate)

Sound Card

It is not known

Optical drive



WiFi a/g/n, Bluetooth, Ethernet, USB (3x), eSATA, FireWire, ExpressCard, DisplayPort, SmartCard, fingerprint, webcam, card reader

Operating Systems

Windows XP




33,5 x 24,5 x (3,1 - 3,3) cm


2,27 kg


1 year

Web Site

Price range *

US$ 1580