G-Technology intros Connecting external hard drive using the WiFi

Thanks to multiple portable devices like notebooks,laptops, smartphone, and tablets our data remain scattered. Pictures and personal videos are generally stored in smartphone while media files find their way into notebook. It becomes cumbersome when you want to access data stored in one device on another device. And sometimes you even forget which data is stored in which device! To solve this problem, G-Technology (a Hitachi subsidiary) has launched a portable hard drive dubbed as G-Connect. What is interesting about this drive is that it has in-built WiFi and Ethernet connectivity -- so just store all your data in this drive and then access it on any device. So simple!
G-Technology intros Connecting external hard drive using the WiFi
The G-CONNECT solution provides on-the-go wireless access to content that’s not already loaded on your iOS devices, including your favorite movies, music, books, photos and documents. No Internet connection is required. G-CONNECT provides access to five+ simultaneous devices, depending on the workload, and supports up to five SD or three HD video streams at once.

When connected via Ethernet to a network, the G-CONNECT drive becomes your own personal cloud or WiFi Internet access point, allowing you to surf and stream content, wirelessly, at the same time. Access and view content on the G-CONNECT solution with a mobile iOS app, which will be available in the App Store, or through your browser. Android devices are also supported with access through a web browser, with native apps available this fall.

It has a 500GB storage capacity and is priced at $200. The G-Connect will be available from July.
Source : [www.pclaunches.com]