Toshiba Satellite R830 and R850 laptop Review

best Toshiba Satellite R830 and R850
Toshiba one of the well-known laptop maker has announced the launch of its two new laptops namely, Satellite R830 and Satellite R850 laptops this week, with Tosh's design concepts clearly taking inspiration from the mobile computing trends towards ever thinner, stronger and faster laptops. Toshiba's two new ultraportable laptops – the R830 and R850 - feature the latest Intel CPUs and, we are assured, have been "designed to provide a premium blend of power and portability".
new Toshiba Satellite R830 and R850
The Satellite R830 powered by features a 33.8cm (13.3'') screen and a magnesium alloy chassis. The Satellite R850 offers a slightly larger 39.6cm (15.6") high definition screen and a high strength resin body. "Despite measuring only 18.3mm at its thinnest point, the Satellite R830 features an integrated DVD drive, a full performance CPU and a full-size keyboard into a chassis as light as 1.5kg. The Satellite R850 adds a 39.6cm (15.6") screen and a numerical keypad, offering a fast and convenient tool for data input."
Toshiba Satellite R830 and R850
The manufacturer is particularly proud of its latest "sophisticated cooling system" which apparently "prevents system components from overheating by channelling cool air towards the laptop's main processing units – enabling the Satellite R830 and R850 to provide full power and leading mobility side-by-side." The Toshiba Satellite R830 and Satellite R850 will be available during the second quarter of 2011. Finalised pricing and exact release dates are still to be confirmed.
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