Sony Vaio Laptops 3D

Sony Vaio Laptops 3D
Sony plans to introduce 3D technology in some Vaio laptops, the same as other manufacturers are convinced that consumers want to enjoy the 3D technology on a small screen, not just on television.

Sony Vaio 3D will go on sale later this month, its retail price of around 1,800 pounds. Latest Models Vaio F series will help Sony menatang konom Apple will launch a new product. Apple, on the other hand, was moved using 3D technology.

Vaio Series F requires the user to wear glasses 'Aktive Shutter' to be able to watch 3-dimensional image, similar to the way viewers enjoy 3D on Sony Bravia TVs 3D. Laptops also can convert 2D content into 3D on the screen 16 inches.

Sony claims that the technology frame will display the Full HD (1920 x 1080) with a view 3D images in sequence and turns to the left and right eye until it reaches an extra-smooth frame rate refresh 240fps.

The device can be used to watch sports movies, games and more.

Feature model has a button to switch automatically from 2D to 3D, high-speed USB 3.0 and Intel i7 processors.

Sony also announced the latest models including models of the Vaio C series which supports 3D on an external display via HDMI out, and another 13-inch screen model and a new desktop PC all-in-one.