Sony VAIO P Series Ultra-Portable Laptop Review

Sony VAIO P Series Ultra-Portable Laptop Review
Sony : has launched a sleek and very colorful Sony VAIO P Series ultra-portable laptop that comes in dazzling bold colors, and features unique cluster of dedicated touch buttons that enable users to instantly access the web, adjust screen resolution and even tune-up their device.

The all-new Sony VAIO P Series ultra-portable features a high-resolution, a 8-inch 1600 x 768, LED backlit ultra-wide display making it easy to view everything from entire spreadsheets to full web pages and for a more convenient way to read long web pages without all the scrolling, can easily be turned on its side to change the viewing orientation from landscape mode to portrait mode.

Sony VAIO P Series ultra-portable features an array of built-in one-touch buttons that enable users instantly access the web, adjust screen resolution and even tune-up their ultra-portable and also features a convenient trackpad built directly into the LCD bezel and a mobile nav grip have also been added making it easier than ever to access content on-the-go.

The new VAIO P series features one-touch buttons providing convenient shortcuts with just a click and this ultra-portable PC measures about the size of a business envelope and roughly as thin as a cell phone the P Series weighs less than 750 gms.

The ultra-portable comes loaded with applications allowing users edit documents, watch online videos, and organize photos all with an ultraportable design and also features dedicated buttons on top of the keyboard for specialized functions. Press the WEB button, and this Instant mode option launches directly into browser. Users can even press it when the PC is turned off and it will launch you into web browser without a full boot through the Windows operating system.

A resolution button lets you increase or decrease screen resolution for optimal viewing and there is also an ASSIST button that launches Sony’s own VAIO Care software, an easy-to-use program that lets you tune-up, maintain, update and troubleshoot the PC.

The Sony VAIO P Series laptop also boasts a unique mobile nav grip to surf the web without a mouse or keyboard. A trackpad and left- and right-click buttons are built right into the LCD bezel, providing a creative solution to navigate the web and a new way to interact with a PC.

Sony VAIO P-Series ultra-portable is now available in five vibrant new colors electric orange, neon green, hot pink, icy white and classic black the Sony VAIO P series comes with the price tag of Rs. 49,990 for VGN-P13G model while VGN-P15G comes for Rs. 64,990 with one year warranty. For more details, please visit